• Viewing orders
  • Quick Actions
  • How to change order status
  • How to view and edit order details
  • Order statuses
  • Sales Reports

Viewing Orders

When you open the Orders → View orders section, the system automatically lists all orders from the database, i.e., the orders that have ever been placed and not deleted. By default, the list is arranged according to the date when the orders were placed, with the most recent orders at the top.

Use the search form on the right to display only those orders that meet certain criteria. By default, the form allows you to filter orders by:

  • customer’s name.
  • customer’s email address.
  • the range of order totals.

If you filter orders against a particular search pattern regularly (e.g., to list all new orders that were paid with a gift certificate), you can save the pattern. It will appear in the list of predefined patterns in the top right corner of the View orders page.

The View orders page allows you to:

  • View all orders in the store, or just the orders that meet your search requirements.
  • View incomplete orders.
  • Change order statuses.
  • View and edit order details.
  • Add comments to an order; these comments may or may not be visible to the customer who placed the order.
  • Export order details in the CSV format. The MYOB and QuickBooks add-ons allow you to export order details in other formats.
  • Print invoices and package slips both separately for each order or in bulk.
  • Remove credit card info (if there is any).
  • Create orders.
  • Delete existing orders.
  • Copy orders.

Quick Actions

The Orders → View orders page allows you to carry out many routine tasks for multiple orders, including bulk order exporting and invoice printing in one click.

  • Highlight the orders you want to take action on.
  • Click on the required action on the top of the orders list.

How To: Change Order Status

  • In the Administration panel of your store, go to Orders → View orders.
  • Find the desired order and click on its current status.
  • This will open the list of all available statuses. Click on the required status. Learn what the different statuses mean in the Order Statuses section.

How To: View and Edit Order Details


  • Go to Orders → View orders in the Admin panel of your store.
  • Click on the ID of the order you’d like to view.
  • The page with the order details will open. Here you can add comments to the order, create shipments, and assign a manager to the order.
  • If you make any changes on this page, click Save changes.


 Click the gear button in the upper right part of the page.

  • Choose the Edit order action, and the order editing page will open.
  • Once you’ve made the changes, click Save.

 You can perform the following actions:

  • Add a product to the order: start entering the product’s name in the text field and choose one of the suggested products from the drop-down list. Alternatively, click Advanced products search and use the pop-up window to find and add the desired products.
  • Remove a product from the order: hover the mouse pointer over the product and click the trash can icon.
  • Change the price of a product in the order: tick the Price checkbox and edit the price. This will affect the price of the product only for this particular order, and not the price in the catalog.
  • Edit customer’s information and address: click one of the Edit icons on the panel on the left, change the data in the pop-up window, then click Update.
  • Choose payment method/shipping method/order status: use the drop-down menus on the panel on the right.
  • Apply a coupon code or gift certificate: enter the coupon code or select the gift certificate under the list of products in the order.

 Order Statuses

 The following statuses are available by default and cannot be deleted:

  • Paid—the payment was received. Once a payment has been received, the status of the order will turn to paid automatically.
  • Complete—all work on the order was completed. It is your responsibility to change the order status to complete.
  • Open—the order was placed and created in the store database, but it hasn’t been processed yet.
  • Failed—the payment transaction failed.
  • Declined—the order was canceled by you, the store owner.
  • Backordered—the order hasn’t been processed yet, as it contains out-of-stock items.
  • Canceled—the order was canceled by the customer.
  • Incomplete-- the order was created in the store database, and the system is awaiting the response from a payment method.
  • Partial or Full Return & Refund/Exchange— if some or all of the order was returned and refunded to the customer, or an exchange was made. It is your responsibility to change the order status to complete.

 Sales Reports

The Orders → Sales reports page contains detailed statistics on the sales that were made in your web store. Statistics may be represented in a form of graphical or tabular charts. For convenience, charts are grouped into separate reports.