• View your shipments
  • How to create a shipment
  • How to print packing slips
  • Manage shipment statuses
  • Am I able to print shipping labels

You can ship items from a single order in multiple batches and/or at different periods of time. These batches are treated as separate shipments of one order. This is useful when you have to deal with backorders regularly.

For example, if a customer orders several items that are out of stock, you can ship the in-stock items right after the order has been placed, and send the remaining items at a later date as a separate shipment.

View Your Shipments

  1. Go to Orders → Shipments to find the list of all the shipments created in your store.
  • Click the ID of any shipment to see the details of the particular shipment. You can edit the comments and date. Remember to click Save changes once you’ve done that.

How To: Create a Shipment

Shipments are created separately for each order on the order details page in the Shipping information section.

  • Go to Orders → View orders and click on the ID of the required order.
  • Create one or multiple shipments for the order:
  • The quick way creates a single shipment for the entire order.
  • The thorough way allows you to create one or multiple shipments.


If you ship all the products in one batch via the same carrier:

  • Select a carrier and/or enter a tracking number.
  • Click Save changes. The shipment will be created automatically.


If you plan to ship products from this order via different carriers or just in separate batches:

  • Click Create detailed shipment.
  • The shipment creation window will open. For every product in the order, select the number of items to be delivered in the current shipment. If you plan to deliver a particular product in a different shipment, select 0 (zero) from the Quantity drop-down list.
  • Choose a shipping method.
  • Enter a tracking number and/or choose a carrier.  If you leave both the tracking number and carrier fields empty, the shipment won’t be created.
  • Add your comments.
  • Change the order status, if necessary.
  • Click the Create button.

How To: Print Packing Slips


To print a packing slip for a particular shipment, follow these steps:

  • Go to Orders → Shipments. You will see a list of all shipments in the store.
  • Find the shipment you need. If necessary, use the search panel to filter the list.
  • Click the gear button of the shipment for which you need to print a packing slip.
  • Choose Print slip from the drop-down list, if you want a package slip to be displayed in a separate browser tab for further printing. If you want to download the slip in the .pdf format, choose Print packing slip (pdf).


To print several packing slips for multiple shipments at once, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Orders → Shipments.
  2. Tick the checkboxes of the shipments for which you need to print package slips.
  3. Click the gear button in the upper right part of the page and choose Packing slip bulk print.
  4. This will open a new page with the packing slips for all the selected shipments.

How To: Manage Shipment Statuses

If you go to Orders → Shipments, you will see all the list of all shipments in your store. Shipments have statuses, allowing you to sort the list, or to search for shipments with a specific status.

Am I able to print shipping labels?

No, our current platform doesn’t allow for labels to be printed.