How to open a Superfan Mall Store

Part 1: Submit 5 assets for your 3D virtual storefront:

You will have a virtual storefront in one of 5 portals: Anime, Pop Culture, Toys/Games/ Collectibles, Comics, or Artist Alley.  You will be asked to choose one of the 5 portals.

Click the link below to fill out your information and upload your 5 assets for the virtual storefront: Logo, company/artist blurb, and 3 of your best product shots.  Information on size of each asset is on the page of the form that asks you to choose your storefront template. VIRTUAL STOREFRONT ASSET SUBMISSION


Part 2: Apply for a Vendor Account

Before you set up your Superfan Mall Virtual Shop, you will need to apply for a Vendor Account. Your Vendor Account is where you will access your personal administrator panel and run your Superfan Mall Virtual Shop from top to bottom.

To apply for a vendor account (2 ways):

  1. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “Apply to be a Vendor.”
  2. If you were sent an email sent to you inviting you to be a vendor from “Superfan Mall,” click on the link in that email.

Once you have done that:

  • Click “Choose” on the Vendor Plan of your choice
  • Enter your Company Name, First and Last name, and your email.
  • Click “Submit”
  • As soon as your account is marked as approved on our end (please give us 24 hrs. to approve Mon-Fri), you will receive an email with a link to your administration panel page, along with your login information.