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How to Open a Superfan Mall store

  • Signing in
    • Forgot Password
  • Store policies
  • Introduction to your Admin Panel
    • The dashboard
    • The top bar
    • Store operations
  • Setting up your store
  • Service level standards
  • Communicating with buyers
  • How to close your store

Uploading Products

  • Adding one product
  • Adding multiple products
  • Importing products list

Managing Products

  • Bulk product editing
  • Disabling or deleting a product

Sales Tax

At this time any applicable taxes, including Sales Tax, should be accounted for in your listing price.  We will be implementing a tool in the near future that will allow you to have Sales Tax added, should you choose to do so.  We will let you know when that option is offered.

Shipping Methods

  • Adding a shipping method
  • Shipping method properties
  • Adding a free shipping method


  • Viewing orders
  • Quick actions
  • How to change order status
  • How to view and edit order details
  • Order statuses
  • Sales report


  • View your shipments
  • How to create a shipment
  • How to print packing slips
  • Manage shipment statuses
  • Am I able to print shipping labels?

Return or Exchange Requests

  • Manage return requests
  • Decline/Approve products
  • Change a request status
  • Print a packing slip


  • Getting paid - Stripe
  • Processing Fees
  • Monthly Fees