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Caves and Dinosaurs: A Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Over 500 pages long!

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1 signed copy of the Caves & Dinosaurs book.

In this book, you will play as one of five unique player characters, roll dice, and choose paths that lead to over 70 different endings, all while avoiding the 57 interesting ways to die! Each path will give you a piece of an even deeper storyline. So, doing multiple playthroughs is a must! 

This book is based on the TPK boardgame KILL ALL PLAYERS. In K.A.P. you (as a DM) are competing against other DM players in order to see who can kill their party first. You can set traps, buff skill tests, curse items, and spawn some over-powered monsters. Unlike the KILL ALL PLAYERS boardgame, the Caves & Dinosaurs story takes place from the perspective of the players who don't know they're actually inside a game. Fight monsters, go on quests, find treasure, but most of all...don't roll low! If you like D&D, you will love this interactive experience.