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- Idea, planning, and illustration by ClothingOnHumans In California 

- 100% organic cotton shirt, free of "forever chemicals"

- Non-bleached and non-toxic dyes

- Sewn in Los Angeles by Groceries Apparel

- Made by 100% Adults

- DTG printing by T-Shirt Storm in California

- Shipped free to most of America via USPS in a custom cut box

- Directly supports this one-person business and the artists I collaborate with

- Stands up to the wasteful, conventional, fast-fashion clothing industry


 Whimsical Story Text–

 In the year 4604A.H.E. (After Higher Evolution) Salma Recks through natural vaginal birth had a baby boy. As she was handed the baby she looked at him lovingly, then looked up at her husband, Girarde. They knew from the instant they saw him he would do fantastic things and with tears of joy in their eyes, without deliberation, called out the same name at the same time, 'TUBULAR!'

 Very early on Tubular was ecstatic to perform stunts he thought were thrilling. As a baby it was jumping off of coffee tables while doing poses in the air, a child it was jumping off of tall swings at the pinnacle of their height while also doing poses in the air, and as a young adult doing tricks . He and his friends would watch the, then high school student–formed Rad Spaz Squad at New California Beach in the coastal city of Bogantowne, do tricks in various ways every weekend. Inspired by 'RSS' crew member Bonesface, whom rides a skateboard, young Tubular himself picked up skateboarding and has been shredding all over the Southern New California (SNC) landscape making a name for himself with the age demographic that he was in when he was inspired. Now at the age of 24 he is considered a positive role model and an absolute outstanding dude Tubular helps the community and lives his best life doing and expanding on the kind of thrilling skate tricks he grew up admiring.  

 We get a look at one of the radical activities Tubular gets into and here he's riding his board, a Bonesface exclusive and signed by Bonesface, on the 15 foot / 4.572 meter cement wave that Southern New California's resident-and-very-active volcano 'Big Surgeio' created with lava flowing underneath in varying temperatures ranging from char red to excoriate white.   Actual Background–

 The character of Tubular Recks was created by me around 2005/6. He didn't have a name for 15 years until I was making this new illustration. He would be predominantly referred to by me as Rock N' Dino. I drew him off and on for many years and it was always a lot of fun. This new illustration was the furthest rendering I have done of the character and I am loving how he came out. I think I captured his fun, adventurous nature. Since the beginning he had a much different look although some elements have remained, like the hair, hat, sunglasses, and shirt. Since I was starting over with design I must've done at least 70+ sketches to try to get his design, shape, and pose the way I wanted it. History Of Recks page here! 

 The Artist–

 It was me! I hope that you enjoy this design– its humor, its absurdity, and the feeling it promotes.



My Favorite Aspects Of The Art-

I enjoy the history behind this character most of all and the ridiculousness of the art and that I can wear it!  

 The Shipping Box And What's In It– 

Packing supplies by EcoEnclose and all printing by greenerprinter. Packed by me, and shipped by USPS Priority.

 Shipping Time– 

 It is my goal to ship shirts as soon after they get ordered as I can. Since these are more uncertain times for business as well as individuals I am estimating anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks. I think the shirt is worth the wait and if you don't, then for now, hold off on ordering. Maybe sign up for the mailing list to get updates.