Shifting Swords: Aftermath of Night

Summary: Dog Ear Publishing reviews a new book that weaves a tale of fantasy and adventure by author Alexander H. Edwards.

SAN DIEGO, CA – The battle of good against evil is a familiar one in the world of literature. A new book released by Dog Ear Publishing takes that classic struggle to new heights in this latest installment of the Shifting Swords series. Alexander H. Edwards expands on characters and events featured in his previous books, showcasing a world that hangs in the balance of light and darkness.

In “Shifting Swords: Aftermath of Night,” readers learn the fate of Trinian, a justice bringing and consecrated warrior of the Heavens who must overcome battles of his own. The story is chronicled by Timothy, the last priest of Lachdavan, who describes both despair and a thread of hope. That hope comes in form of Trinian, who touched darkness when he became the vampire assassin Sicarius but who clings to the ideals he once lived by.

He has help in the form of staunch companions such as Kromias, an artist and warrior despite his small size; Shahdeaux, champion of the Elves; Sabre, who can shapeshift into a panther, and the guardian Irisa. The foes they face are larger than life, especially the temptress Xiomara, a winged being who longs to rule Hell.

The companions know what horrors they faced to survive thus far and must live with their past deeds if they hope to defend Altera against the Night and its accompanying darkness. Their evil opponents are just as determined to take whatever power they can using their magic, power and weapons. For Xiomara the battle becomes personal, as she feels betrayed by Trinian’s transformation from vampire to warrior for the Light. Who will be victorious in the ultimate battle between good and evil and who will fall victim to the fight?

Edwards has been telling stories since he was 8 years old, publishing a magazine for children and starting a young theater company. The San Diego native attended San Diego State University and the University of California – San Diego, graduating with honors from U of C. Edwards also served as a missionary in the Philippines.

Edwards runs The Dog and Dragon, a platform he founded that encourages other artists and storytellers, and he is president of Strategic Vision, a consulting and research firm in San Diego. His strengths are motivating and making decisions, research and communications, retention, research design, data structure, analysis and inference. He has taught theater at a high school, served as a counselor to active-duty military families and performed on the stage and the big screen. He has three daughters.


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Original story in Hardback form by Alexander Edwards:

Shifting Swords: Aftermath of Night:

They are not heroes because of their morals or ideals.  They fight against the Darkness because they each know evil intimately.  It causes their souls to quake knowing what they have done and what will happen if the Night succeeds.

Timothy, the last priest of Lachdavan scribes the last days as he watches his beloved home of Chandel fall.  But he also writes of hope.  Trinian Komasir, once a child whose only desire was for his parents to be proud of him has grown from youth to maturity.

However, Trinian’s pride has already consumed the souls of many in his battle to embrace the world either as the vampiric Sicarius or the Justice Bringer of Chandel.  To redeem the fallen world of Altera, Trinian must overcome the decades of being an assassin and his failing strength to remain worthy to wield the Ankh-Djed that can defeat the Night and its denizens.

With his friends: Kahari, the cursed ogre; Sabre, the were panther; Irisa who travels the streams of mana; Kromias, the Saunt, and Shahdeaux, a pureblood elf who is a master of elemental magic, Trinian now battles against the Darkness of Night.

However, Trinian also has many enemies.  Under the direction of the head strategist of Hell, Xiomara and the fiends who serve her are the beings with the ultimate plan of destruction.  Using the mortals of Altera, especially the children, as the fiends’ primary weapons, there is seemingly no salvation of their world that the heroes can perceive. 

Trinian and his companions are left to choose between engaging in a losing battle of defiance or embracing the Night to survive.  Both options allow the Darkness victory.