Jason Momoa Aquaman Titanic canvas print

My Heart Will (100%) Go On
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"My Heart Will (100%) Go On" 

I tried to paint this work in the style of a romantic cheesy book cover but juxtapose that with the tragedy going on behind the main actors involving the wreck of the Titanic. Playing opposing themes off one another is of great interest for me. Pretty trivial to bask in the early glow of a new romance in the wake of a disaster. 

I also liked playing off the boy-like quality of DiCaprio with the man-hunk that is Momoa, and I'm guessing it's not too far off to guess that Rose would have left Jack for Aquaman!

This is an 8 x 8" canvas print. Yes, this item for sale is printed on real canvas, stretched on wood! The image wraps all the way around the sides for an appealing 3D effect. The canvas is light and easily displayable. 

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