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The Harrowed Half-Breed: A Tarnished Lands Story (Book 1) - signed

Comes with a D&D 5e module set in the Tarnished Lands!

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Magic has been slowly fading from the enchanted forest ever since the greedy humans invaded. The native feathered-folk were kind in sharing their homeland, but peace couldn’t last forever. Conflict stirs while Barne, half human/half native, is stuck in the middle. Trapped between two worlds he must try and find himself before choosing a side. In a world where he never really belongs, Barne searches to find his smile through all means necessary. But there’s a dark secret that holds his happiness hostage…

In a world of swords and sorcery, darkness and despair, nothing comes without a price.
About The Tarnished Lands: In the aftermath of the utopian regime that ruled for over a millennium, famine, chaos, murder and deceit reign in lieu of balance. The pendulum now swings in favor of disorder. The fierce strong-arm the weak, cowards lurk in the shadows like rats, and the wicked take everything that’s left over. This is no longer a place for good intentions, this is a place of survival.


"This book was given to me for free at my request and I provided this unbiased, voluntary review.

This book is AMAZING. I’m a huge fan of fantasy novels and this did not disappoint. The author does great world-building with the feather folk race and their interactions with humans and with nature. Fun events were peppered in among heart wrenching parts. All of the characters seemed fully explored with understandable motivation, faults, and abilities. It was the most obvious with the more villainous characters. They even made me audibly react at times. My one fault would be that the protagonist was absurdly ignorant which became somewhat annoying. All in all, a well-written novella.

I listened to the audiobook by Crystal Wikoff. She also did a great job narrating. She spoke at the perfect speed and made me instantly invested. Her voices are distinct enough to follow a conversation. And, she did many small things that made the experience all the better. For example, the characters fighting would talk more breathy to make it sound real, but the dialogue was still easy to understand.

In summary, I would strongly recommend this novella to frequent fantasy readers and anyone looking for a terrific book."-Goodreeads review