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Imprisoned Online: Feeding the Trolls (Book 2) - signed

How do you gank a ganker?

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You’re either a noob, or a pro.

After spending some time in the virtual prison, Dreamscape Online, Seph is starting to get more comfortable with his character while dealing with the aftermath of his latest trials. With a wealth of loot and experience points to lose, he is hunted by griefers and trolls alike. Putting everything on the line, our hero decides enough is enough and will face his nemesis in a 1V1 battle to the death. Only his combatant has something worse than death up his sleeve. No ganking, no more gaming the system. Seph has learned a lot since he first logged in, but is it going to be enough? What’s worse than death? Find out in the next installment of Imprisoned Online!

Commit an online crime, go to an online jail. In this MMORPG penal colony, inmates PVP to gain EXP, loot, and most of all...survive.

This litrpg/Gamelit adventure has:
World PVP
player death
no harems
no overpowered main characters
and much more!



fantastic litrpg book

great listen, love the characters and the world that is created. big thing on this book was a couple game mechanics I hadn't seen before in a litrpg book. can't wait for number 3. narration was great"- audible review