Art Deco Watch Locket | Unusual Locket Necklace | Steampunk Watch Case | Upcycled Locket Pendant

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A most unusual locket! Antique watches (before the backs came off completely) were hinged like their pocket watch ancestors, allowing the watchmaker access to the mechanism inside. These old watch casings are the base for my Art Deco Lockets. These lockets might date back to the 1920s and 30s, and are a small homage to the craftsmanship of the era. These lockets have their original glass fronts, which might show scratches or years of wear, and have tiny watch parts and a real watch ruby set in resin* behind the glass leaving room enough for a photo to be seen behind. This locket is placed on a sturdy stainless steel chain, accented with a watch gear. There is room enough inside for some creative 3D objects and images of your choosing. Finished in silver color. *The resin I use is top of the line for non-yellowing and non-hazing, ensuring that these will look great for years to come. All watch parts are only taken from non-salvageable vintage and antique watches/pocket watches, or are "new old stock" pieces that were made as spare parts for these old watches. Please note: These lockets are a very tight fit when closed, and probably need a small sharp edge or a strong fingernail to open them up! (I will send them "mostly closed" for easy first access). Pendant measures 1 1/4" wide, and is 5/8” tall Necklace is 18” long with clasp (vintage watch parts' composition is unknown) Comes beautifully gift boxed in a gold tin (example shown) You will receive the locket shown in the first photo, see my shop for all available options.