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Anthology of Scrolls: Short Stories, Poetry, and Prose - signed

Signed copy of this single-author collection.

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A unique collection of eclectic stories and poetry designed to entertain, delight, and make you ponder everything. It has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock and The Twilight Zone for its creepy tone and themes.

This single-author anthology contains the following subject matter:

Magical libraries, ego-eccentric gravity experts, OCD people, scary stage shows, dirt-poor romance, spirit guides, calming yourself down, moment-stealing harpies, corrupt elections, gluttonous cake eaters, evil doppelgangers, drunken incoherence, circles, crossdressing witches and warlocks, catching up with the past, antiquated technology, treasures in the trash, brain surgery, irreplaceable loss, gangbangers and their dogs, comic books that contain bats and/or wolves, the murder of relatives, revengeful ex-girlfriends, changing fact into fiction, magical smartphones, facing your unfiltered fears, severed lizards, and dangerous Christmas gifts.

Take a wild ride into P.A. Wikoff's mind and learn how this book almost never came to be.

Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2019

Simply amazing!

"Splashes of engaging poetry are sprinkled in between some of the most extraordinary, thought-provoking, short-stories.

Each story immediately draws me in, pulling me deep into a relatable, yet mind-bending plot-line. As I crawl into each character's mind, I'm taken on a new, sometimes mysterious adventure. Then, it's wrapped up to its end. Leaving me desiring more in only the best of ways. So many questions and creative energy spring forth in my mind. 

These stories make you consider things, you may have never given a second thought too. If you enjoy Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone, then you will definitely love this book. I know that I will be thinking on many of these stories and tales for a long, long time! I really recommend that you check out this book. It is so unique and different from the majority of the books out there. The author has a way of making mundane sentences hilarious or making ordinary conversation suspicious.

I will be looking forward to see what else will come from this author in the future." D.G. Alan